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Opetussuunnitelmat: Centria University of Applied Sciences 2019-2020


Adult education (leading to higher UAS degree)

Valitse ryhmä:


Field of social sciences, business and administration

YYBS19K (Julkaistu)

Courses of the group

Learning outcomes of incoming group

Core competence areas of the degree


Competence Map for Master's Degree


    • is able to self-evaluate and develop one’s expertise in a versatile and focused way
    • is able to retrieve, analyze and produce information and evaluate it critically from the point of view of different fields
    • is capable of taking responsibility for collaborative learning in a target-oriented way


    • is able to take responsibility for the actions of a community and for the consequences of these actions
    • is able to apply the ethical principles of the subject field as an expert and as a developer of working life
    • is able to make decisions considering an individual and the community
    • is able to contribute to the principles of equality in working life
    • is able to contribute to the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility
    • is capable of leading socially influential activities based on ethical values


    • is able to develop the operations of a work community
    • is able to develop multidisciplinary communication and interaction in working life
    • is able to utilize information and communications technology in one’s work
    • is able to create networks and partnerships
    • is capable of management and supervision tasks and is able to improve activities in complicated and unpredictable environments
    • is able to work as an expert or entrepreneur and has abilities for management and supervision tasks


    • is able to manage research, development and innovation projects and masters the methods of research and development work
    • is able to manage project work
    • is able to create new information and improve existing working methods by combining expertise from different fields
    • is able to develop customer-oriented, sustainable and profitable solutions


    • is capable of international communication in one’s work and in the development of operations
    • is able to operate in international environments
    • is able to predict the effects of and opportunities for internationalization development in one’s own field

Competence Map for International Business Management

  • Research Competence

    • Can use scientific methods and tools in problem solving
    • Can acquire new knowledge, evaluate it critically and utilize it critically inside one’s own organization

  • Development Competence

    • Can evaluate what kind of consequences different kinds of options have in long, midterm and short perspectives, and can evaluate options’ overall effects in one’s organization, and can select most appropriate for one’s organization
    • Can prepare R&D projects and design change processes
    • Can present development projects and knows how to get buy-in inside one’s organization

  • Business Competence

    • Can understand business in its totality and see how different changes affect this wholeness.
    • Can build relationships with stakeholders.
    • Can anticipate changes in one’s industry and adapt own and one’s organizations procedures for foreseeable changes.

  • Management Competence

    • Can develop and motivate individuals and teams.
    • Can lead the change in organization.
    • Can develop organization.
    • Can anticipate organization’s knowledge, know-how, and resource needs and prepare organization for them.

Description of learning outcomes

Description of the degree programme

The programme aims to increase professional knowledge of international business, manigement information systems and enterprise resource planning. Having completed the programme, students will have developed into a business management and enterprise resource planningprofessional, capable of independent decision-making, working with management or demanding expert tasks in planning and implementing enterprise resource planning systems. Student has also capabilities to plan and implement change processes in organizations.

The Degree Programme in International Business Management consists of 90 credits and it is implemented in a two-year time scale. It is offered fully in English. The emphasis in studies will be on hands-on-learning in own work place and ability to solve real life problems. Independent information gathering and reading is required during studies. The aim of the programme is to prepare students for expert and management positions in their organizations and to act as change agents in them.

Multimodal learning methods are in use during the studies. Each course includes two two-day contact sessions on an average. The emphasis of learning is on independent work as well as solving distant learning assignments and studying online. The development project is an essential part of the studies.

The courses will develop especially capabilities in Enterprise Resource Planning.