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Opetussuunnitelmat: Centria University of Applied Sciences 2019-2020


Adult education (leading to UAS degree)

Valitse ryhmä:


Field of social sciences, business and administration

ABMS19P (Julkaistu)

Courses of the group

Learning outcomes of incoming group

Core competence areas of the degree

Bachelor's degree

Competence Map for Bachelor's Degree

    • is able to self-evaluate and develop one’s competence and learning style orientation
    • is able to retrieve and analyze information and evaluate it critically
    • is capable of taking responsibility for collaborative learning and sharing knowledge in teams
    • is able to take responsibility for one’s own actions and for the consequences of these actions
    • is able to work according to the ethical principles of the subject field
    • is able to take other people into account in one’s actions
    • is able to apply the principles of equality
    • is able to apply the principles of sustainable development
    • is capable of social influencing using one’s know-how and based on ethical values
    • is able to operate as a member of a work community
    • is able to operate in communicative and interactive situations in working life
    • is able to utilize information and communications technology in one’s subject field
    • knows the working life in one’s subject field and is able to create personal contacts in working life and to operate in professional networks
    • is capable of decision making in unpredicted situations
    • is able to apply the principles of organizational management and leadership in working life and has abilities for supervision tasks
    • possesses entrepreneurial skills
    • is able to conduct research, development and innovation projects applying the existing knowledge and methods of the field
    • is able to work in projects
    • is capable of creative problem solving and development of working methods
    • is able to find customer-oriented, sustainable and profitable solutions
    • possesses communicative competence necessary for one’s work and for professional development in the subject field
    • is able to operate in a multicultural environment
    • takes into account the effects of and opportunities for internationalization development in one’s own field
    • the student can recognize and describe the process of a company
    • the student understands the connections between different areas of business
    • the student understand and can assess the interaction between a company's operations and the business environment
    • the student works in an entrepreneurial and productive way
    • the student knows and develops service management
    • the student understands the principles of profitable business and can analyze a company's operations and risks
    • the student understands each individual's importance to the work community and can develop its operations
    • the student understands the importance of communication and actively creates interaction between internal and external interest groups also in global business environment
    • the student manages the basics of research and development processes needed in acquiring profound knowledge of business
    • the student can use information systems in various duties
    • the student has good command of applied financial mathematics and statistical methodology and can use the necessary information systems
    • the student can apply qualitative and quantitative research methods
    • the student in proficient in business areas according to the knowledge specified in the individual study plan
    • the student can apply business theories and creatively solve problems eg in work placement, project study and thesis
    • can apply the updated business information in the work community
    • can develop business process and apply quality-oriented thinking

Description of learning outcomes in the field of study

Description of learning outcomes

The degree is called Bachelor of Business Administration. The extent of the degree is 210 ECTS and the duration is approx. 3,5 years. The degree consists of basic studies, professional studies, elective studies, work placement and thesis.

The basic studies include the basic business skills such as Basics of MS Office,Economics and Business Mathematics and project management  skillls. Included in the basics of Business Management are study periods such as Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Business Law, Management and Starting up foreign trade. They also inlcude languge and communication skills.

In the professional studies the student studies 3 different modules within International Business to complete a total of 75 credits. These modules are about Creative Marketing, Global Business and Tourism and Event Management.

The elective studies support and complete the student's individual study plan and professional orientation. Work placement gives the student a possibility to strengthen their expertise in demanding duties corresponding to their line of degree programme. When writing the thesis the student applies and reinforces the skills and expertise acquired. The thesis is usually commissioned by a company or an organiszation and it includes a research or a development project.

The studies strengthen the student's knowledge of Business Management and business in general, the knowledge of the practices in business and the ability to apply this knowledge in working life. The studies focus on professional knowledge and skills and on versatile development, social and communication skills. A Bachelor of Business Administration masters various skills and expertise in business.

The overall objective of the program is to provide the students with professional, international, personal and social competences to operate in an international business environment. The program provides good possibilities to study in an international environment, as this is a group of multicultural students. The degree programme will be taught in Englishat Campus Allegro, in the city centre of Pietarsaari