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GroupABMS19P/Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business
CourseBMP1002 Basics of MS Office, 5.00 cr, 133 h
Basic Business Skills
Implementation time1/2019-2020, 2/2019-2020
Teacher in chargePassoja Risto
Other teachers
Status of implementationGoing

Status of the description Under revision
Language of instruction English
GroupsABMS19P (primary)
Starting and ending dates02.09.2019 - 20.12.2019
Suitable as optional studies for others No
Suitable for the students of the Open University of Applied Sciences No
Includes virtual studies No
Suitable for exchange students No
Minimum number of participants  
Maximum number of participants  
Enrolment period19.08.2019 - 27.01.2019
Virtuality 0 cr
Proportion of R&D 0 cr
Implementation location Pietarsaari
Assessment at the latest 20.01.2020 
Exam date  
Resit dates of the exam
Storing of graded material ends 20.07.2020 
Language of the description English 

The student learns to use the computer as a versatile tool in his/her personal data processing. He/she will be able to understand the role and impact of changing ICT in the changing society. The student can use programs MS Outlook and PowerPoint in his/her work.

The student is able to format and handle documents in MS Office Word program. The student knows how to create documents according to both Finnish document standard and some international standards. He is able to type assignments according to school’s layout rules for distance assignments.


• The development and importance of ICT for society
• Using MS Outlook in offices.
• Presentation graphics: planning, compilation and creating PowerPoint-presentations
• Tabs
• Tables &Forms
• Columns
• Finnish document standard & Some foreign document standards
• Layout rules for distance assignments
• Business etiquette
• Duties in an Office


Exams. Individual project work.
Oral presentations, written assignments.

Previous studies


Competence areas learning competence, working community competence
Allotment of student workload
Study material
Working life collaboration
Further information
Oppimistapahtumat Oppimistapahtumat